"Because I'm a professional...but other times I feel like swinging from rooftops screaming, 'Monkey Man!'"

Hey there!

If you haven't caught on, my name's Caleb and I'm a Freelance Copywriter, Blogger, and all-around Creator. I'm the kind of person who really took the whole "idle hands are the devil's playthings" to the max as I spend just about every minute and hour that I can, working towards creating engaging, exciting content.

Who've I worked with, you ask? Well, I started off editing work for my campus magazine at The University of Central Arkansas (The Vortex Lit Mag), snagged an internship with a larger, local magazine (The Idle Class Mag), and eventually, took a break from writing to focus on podcasting for a few years.

After graduating from UCA in December 2019, I had the opportunity to grow with the "Ologies" podcast, hosted by Alie Ward, and move from intern to freelancer. I also created, hosted, and edited my own podcast called "You're Never Too Old!" for just over a year.

Now, I've dug deep into my own roots and started working with folks who are passionate about breaking down barriers, sharing untold stories, and shining a light through the darkness. Folks like Alie, the team over at Paper Oranges, and the Canna PinUp crew.

So, if you take anything away from my website it's this:

I am a passionate, caring, creative person. My family raised me to accept all people. I'm a self-taught ukulele player, audio and video editor, and mixologist. And more than anything else, I shine brightest when helping others tell their stories.

If you'd like to talk about working together or how I can help your project shine the brightest it can, then let's connect.