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If you're looking to create original, engaging content for blog posts or just too busy to handle it alone.


If you're looking to weave tales, sell products, or find the right words for the services you provide.

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If you're looking to be seen as the best at who you are and what you do



The Secret's In The Sauce


"Hiring Caleb is hiring a creative, intentional, and dedicated individual who’s love for his community can’t help but show up in his work."

Bekah Smith - Central Arkansas Library System


I'm here to help with a few blog posts or even take full control of the blog with management packages. Blog posts come with writing and editing. Managing the blog comes with a content calendar, writing, editing, and SEO optimization. All so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the digital traffic you'll be pulling in.

When things start up, it'll look like this:

- A virtual/in-person meeting to go over brand and content marketing goals

- Choosing a monthly package. Then we fill out the legal parts and get started!

My monthly layout:

1. I'll provide a list of, at minimum, five post ideas that you can pick from (but I always welcome suggestions)

2. I write them up, share them with you via Google Docs.

3. After you check it out, I'll edit and send over a final draft.

4. I'll shoot over a monthly invoice which you can pay via check or Paypal.

How's that work for you?



I'm here to help boost new businesses and established brands with the following:

1. Brand stories and About Us pages

2. Email newsletters

3. Website content

4. Landing pages

5. Cold pitching

6. Product/Service descriptions

To get started, pop over and fill out the application. From there, we can schedule a meeting to get more details put together before writing up a proposal.

How's that work for you?



I'm here to help assure future employers you're confident, curious, and high-quality:

1. Detailed interview about you/your business

2. First draft with1st Revisions

3. Second draft with 2nd Revisions

4. Final Draft

5. Invoice

If this sounds like what you need, hop on over to fill out the application and we'll go from there to see how I can best help you operate!

How's that work for you?