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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

So, if anyone out there follows my daily life, they know that very soon I will be jobless. Obviously this isn't different from many of the stories out there of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but boy howdy could it have picked a worse time to hit home.

During the first few days after receiving the news, I couldn't feel anything but sadness, hopelessness, and a lot of frustration. I didn't understand why it had to be now, why it couldn't have been after I'd gotten married or why I couldn't have more time to find a replacement. I couldn't stop asking questions in my head and frankly, it was getting overloaded.

So I stepped back, did what I do best, and hustled. I reached out to everyone I knew, had people reaching out to me, and started applying for remote and location positions that I may have not been wholly qualified for, but hell, I know I'm a damn good employee and a better creator when I put my mind to it.

Flash forward to now and no, I still haven't found a replacement for my current job. In fact, the jobs that have gotten back to me have given me the pay they'd be able to provide and let me tell you, a 10k pay cut isn't going to help this first time homeowner and soon-to-be husband!

But, all of this did give me some time to create something new and something that I'm already proud of, simply from the response it's gotten. Including this blog and website, I've just launched my newest podcast series, "That's rough, buddy" on Anchor and it's making it's way through all the other platforms to provide friends, family, and beyond with a whole new set of my stupid jokes and outlook on the world.

Here's the link for anyone interested: and you'll be able to find it everywhere else in the upcoming weeks.

Life is hard. It's only gotten harder for those of us working through the pandemic. But, having this creative outlet has helped me in so many ways that I didn't think were available. So, I hope that some of you out there get something from all this and if you don't, well, thanks for even taking the time to read it.

Love ya, gotta leave ya,


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