first reactions: "folklore" Album by Taylor Swift

Ok, so I've gone and done it. I had to jump into the hype with the rest of the world. While I don't consider myself an expert on music by any means, I enjoy it just as much as the next person know...I'm a human being.

COVID-19 has effectively killed the music scene for most, I should know as I've been the booking manager for my current job for almost a year. But, in the midst of all the chaos, musicians from indie to expert have been releasing albums, singles, and EP's to keep in touch with their audience.

T-Swift. Taylor. Lemme just say what everyone else has been.

This album is everything we need right now.

Like a soft whisper in the ear, Taylor Swift has crept into all of our Spotify cycles and thrown us into the story of "folklore", her recently released indie-pop album. Personally, I'd grown up recognizing Swift as someone my younger sister adored throughout her younger years, often appearing as the essence of a country popstar through music and film.

Once Swift broke out of the country scene, she started slamming out some solid, highly addictive pop songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Shake It Off", permanently placing themselves within the basic white girl, pre-party playlists for all eternity.

But y' we've got my favorite TSwizzle I've ever seen. You hit me with light, airy whispers of a true indie artist. You give me the piano and AMAZING duo with Bon Iver in "exile". We started playing the album in the shop and I had to step away, pop in an earbud, and just jam by myself for a minute. This. Is. My. Shit.

Like I said, I'm not the guy to come to when discussing the finer details of music. But, if you're looking for those new indie bops to jam to in the safety of your room or cool you down during these hot summer nights, Tay-tay has delivered in full.

Go add favorite it on Spotify now and chill, cuz it's worth every minute spent.

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