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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Damn Caleb, back at it again with the dated meme's. But really, you know why we're here. It's time to check out another fresh face to my selection of music/anime/books and really whatever else I feel like consuming. Today, I'm taking a quick look at a kick-ass pop artist who I stumbled upon on evening as I scrolled through TikTok. Yeah, I'm on TikTok, come at me Zoomer generation. So, here she is:

Abigail Barlow

So, let's break this down real quick. The 21 year-old songwriter and performer has a dozen singles dropped onto Spotify, has a huge following that came with her from, now the infamous TikTok, and YouNow, and challenges everything that I've known musicians to do in the industry at such a young age.

Don't be fooled by the bubblegum pink heartthrob, because she's coming in hot to let the world know that a boyfriend is the last thing on her mind. Gathering over 1.5 million plays in just a few months, Abigail is on her way to stardom without anyone holding her back.

As she's been posting, her first six-song drop is going to be releasing this Friday (August 14th, 2020) and fans are more than excited to put it on repeat. Though there are those who have expressed their sadness that some of their favorite songs Barlow's featured before wont' be on the EP, she released a TikTok reassuring her fans that this was a life-long career.

Now, as we all sit back and wait for Friday to roll around, let me just talk about "Heartbreak Hotel" for a moment. With COVID-19 cruising across the world at lightning speed, we've all become a little stir crazy. I've seen a lot of my friends talking about the terrible "covid dates" they've been a part of and how most of the time, it just ends. This. Song. Is. A. Bop. If you haven't taken the time to listen to it, go do it now and pull yourself back to days of yesteryear where you found yourself dancing in your bedroom, volume up, and hairbrush as the microphone.

So, go check out Abigail and give the song some love! I can't wait for the EP to drop so I can add it to my "play on repeat" playlist.

Later, my people.

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