first thoughts: "Face For Radio" Podcast

If you're looking for a real "humdinger" of a podcast to start listening to, then you'd better hop on the virtual flight for your ears across the pond to "Face For Radio".

It's a new, British comedy podcast spawned from the minds of three recent university graduates. Sam Brown, Reuben Austin, and Scott Copeland sit around this virtual campfire for their first episode to try and convince each other of the validity in famous conspiracy theories, starting with in David Icke's "Lizard People".

Now, color me biased, but these boys are a riot. It helps having been friends before the first episode released, but their brilliance falls in line with that of the McElroy brothers from "My Brother, My Brother, And Me". Constant ribbing, name calling, and general tom-foolery abounds through ever minute spent listening to these three.

As someone who's always interested in conspiracy theories and how people can truly believe in them (Because, come on, some of them are just outright impossible), I was immediately drawn into the narrative these three began to build. There's a part of me that wonders, was the Doctor Who episode related to these lizard people that supposedly live among us? Perhaps, or perhaps it was created by the lizard people themselves!

What's even stranger, and you readers can be the judge, is that my fiance has determined herself to be a lizard person numerous times throughout our relationship. Boys, I think you may need to hop the next flight over and give me a final verdict. I won't ruin the final opinions that the boys have for the end of the first episode, but I will say that some very strong facts are raised and has even me second-guessing my possible lizard heritage.

In short: You've got the brains. You've got the looks. And you've got Scott. Put those three together and you've got a stunning new podcast, "Face For Radio". I look forward to the continued work of these three as they release more episodes and find even stranger topics to cover.

Godspeed gentlemen.

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