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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hello again everyone! Though it's been months since my last post, things have changed quite a bit. While I'm no longer working as the Creative and Community Lead at Nexus Coffee & Creative (you can see my previous post about our sad departure from each other), I have begun a fantastic journey within the company you all know and love....


Ah, but that's not the point of today's post. No, my friends, I've finally been able to take some time to myself and catch up on all of the amazing shows that have been airing since the start of the new year. With so many great anime starting for the first time or starting up their second, third, or even fourth season, it's hard to find the time to watch anything that's live-action and eye-catching. Enter Phase 4 show from the MCU:


Y'all, let me tell you something I'm sure you're already aware of...this show is f***ing awesome. The cinematography! The costuming! The music! Everything about this show has me screaming about how well thought out it is and now nice of a change of pace the storytelling has been from the typical, action-packed cinema we're all used to for the MCU.

Without giving too much away, for those of you who haven't had the chance to watch it yet, I'll drop a brief synopsis of Episode 1...

We start in the quiet, suburban town of Westview, where Viz (The Vision) comes walking into the kitchen, only to be greeted with a plate shattering against his head after it had been mystically levitated by his loving wife, Wanda (Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch). They laugh, the audience laughs, the...wait...the audience laughs? The stark change from the angled shots, explosions, and super-heroism of the MCU is evident from the moment this black and white, 1950's-esque show begins.

As the two struggle to keep up the appearance of a normal, average couple who's just moved into the neighborhood, they're met with nosey neighbors, a domineering boss, loveable side characters, and everything you'd come to expect from this period piece. As I said before, it's so refreshing to be given something new as a consumer where I honestly don't know what's going to happen in the end.

Per every Marvel piece that's put into the world, it's filled to the brim with references to all other aspects of what they've previously created. Nods towards Hydra, mentions of times long ago. But, above all else, this is the story of a woman who's lost everything that she ever cared about and is struggling to pick the pieces back up.

I highly recommend anyone who has ever enjoyed comics, the MCU, or the characters of Vision and Wanda to pick up this show immediately. WandaVision airs every Friday on Disney Plus, so even if you have 1 million subscriptions already, be sure to sign up and witness the humor, the intrigue, and the misdirection of WandaVision!

Until next time, readers!

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