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Recently, I've found that I need to take time away from the long-form, in-depth video games that I'm usually drawn to (I'm looking at you CD Projekt Red devs) and explore the wide variety of indie games that are available on the PlayStation Network.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a handful of games I'd liked were on sale. So, as any sane person would, I bought them all. Hello, to my empty wallet. But, the decision was not one I regret. In fact, it's been an absolute joy finding these games.

Of the ones I purchased, one stood out to me, mainly for its stylized artwork. Enter Nomada Studios, a Spanish indie development company, and their game, GRIS. Working alongside Devolver Digital, this side-scrolling puzzle/platformer, available on all modern systems except Xbox, presents a beautiful story alongside magnificent scoring and art.

Before I dive into it, let me just say, if you're a fan of Thatgamecompany style story and gameplay, go buy GRIS now. You don't need to read anything beyond this point, just go buy it.

OK, now that we've sent off the fans, here's my brief review of what I will argue is one of the underdog indie games on the market currently.

When starting the game, you're met with a myriad of brilliant colors as our protagonist, the title female who you control, falls from the sky and lands within a decrepit temple. From the start, she's lost her voice and the game revolves around you, as the player, helping her to solve puzzles while gaining new abilities on a journey to get that voice back.

Let me just say, this entire game is like watching a watercolor come to life. Each time you expand your small set of skills, you're gifted with blooming hues of greens, reds, and blues which, if you're a trophy hunter, come out to be the title of each trophy you receive for finishing a level. While I haven't sought out every collectible within the game, there are certainly side puzzles to complete and earn more from their completion.

As one can expect from a side-scrolling puzzle/platformer like this, the controls don't expect the player to achieve much more beyond jumping, utilizing the skills you earn, and finding solutions to the puzzles you're presented with. As you progress, you'll find the world changes with you as you're led to the next area. Honestly, one of the nicest things about this game was there was no fear of death. You just sit back, enjoy the ride, and play.

While I continued, I honestly found myself getting lost in the score. Like most indie titles, you find that the narrative isn't driven through speech, but through music. As you progress, the tempo and intensity match the action evolving on the screen. Now, I won't ruin any of the puzzles or action for you, that'd be another post entirely. But, I will say that you're in for a treat if you hop onto whatever system store you're playing on and purchase this game right now.

If you're looking for a break, need to clear your head, and yearn to experience a beautiful story of a girl finding herself in an ever-shifting world, this game is for you. GRIS is beautiful, gripping, and a stunning look at how easy it is to tell a story with little more than music and movement.

Have you found any indie games that you enjoy beyond measure? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out!

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All images are directly from GRIS and are the property of Nomada Studios. I do not claim any right or attribution to the selected frames, nor do I credit myself for their creation.

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