let's review: Gunjō no Magmell

Do I love watching anime? You better believe it! Did I stay up till 1:30 am finishing this series after just starting it yesterday? Ummmmm yeah, you better believe it! Gunjō no Magmell is a Netflix Original Series based off the manga originally created by Chinese artist Dainenbyo. Set in an altered version of our world, it's episodic adventures revolve around one thing, the continent that's sprouted up in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, Magmell. It's a diverse landscape of beautiful and terrifying new creatures, terrain, and plant-life that the world looked at and said, that's what I'd like to explore (or conquer) next.

With so many folks wanting to travel to this new continent, completely unprepared in what lay before them, it isn't a surprise that a mountain of corpses followed. That's why the governments of the world created specialized S&R (Search and Rescue) members, called Anglers, to help those in dire need of assistance. And so, we meet our protagonists, Inyo and Zero.

Inyo and Zero, both aged at 14, are considered very young to be performing the job of Anglers. Inyo, carrying the torch of the care-free, happy-go-lucky teen that he is, comes with a serious side that make an appearance at least once in every episode, usually regarding Magmell and the treatment of it's creatures. Zero on the other hand plays the role of doting, young sidekick who is constantly chastising Inyo for his inability to wake up on time. And while they certainly play their parts well, there's one ability that sets them aside from any other Angler, a special power that from the very first episode is treated like an old wives tale. They're Lachters (pronounced "Lack-ters).

Here's where the series hooked me. These Lachters have a special ability that allows them to materialize anything they want out of thin air, as long as they understand the composition of it. As a huge fan of the Green Lantern series from DC Comics, I've always loved the idea of an ability that allows me to create from what I picture in my mind and trust me, Inyo takes full advantage of it. From massive mechanical hands that crush dangerous creatures to simple grabby arms that reach out to snag a snack, Inyo is certainly talented for being so young. Zero, acting as his recon specialist and assistant in S&R missions, mostly brings to life a hovering robot with arms that she controls from the safety of their office.

Overall, the series has no straightforward plot beyond the varied missions that Inyo and Zero undergo to remain fed and paid, living simple lifestyles where the next meal could be a bowl of marshmallows. There's a handful of returning characters that show in later episodes after they're introduced in a mission that they've either been rescued by Inyo and Zero, or have hired them to rescue someone close to them. And while it wasn't the most thrilling storyline to follow, until you're about halfway through the short 13 episode season, it was certainly comedic and reminded me of HunterxHunter and Soul Eater when it came to art style and humor.

If you're locked in and bored from Quarantine, I'd say give it a go. The premise was unlike any I'd watched in recent months and I personally hope that they snag a second season. But, with the way things ended, I'd be happy to leave it where it is.

So, what're some new animes that you've been watching during Quarantine?

Let me know because I'd love suggestions!

See you all next time,


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