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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

It's become rarer and rarer that I take the time out of my day to sit down and fully engage with a film. Often, it's hard to get drawn into the same narrative I've seen over and over again by live-action films but, leave it to geniuses at Pixar to create another masterpiece that left me saying "Aww" more time than I can count. So, let's dive into (pun fully intended)...

It's the 1950's. We find ourselves in the quiet, seaside, Italian villa known at Portorosso. And, there are sea monsters. But, not just any old sea monsters. Meet Luca Paguro, a young sea monster boy who lives a simple life on the ocean floor as a shepherd (of sorts) with daydreams of exploring the world above. He's a good boy, who always follows the word of his mother. That is, until, he befriends another sea monster boy whose vast knowledge of the human world awakens a thirst for exploration inside Luca. Enter, Alberto Scorfano.

What follows is an amazing, coming-of-age tale about two young boys who long for a life outside the hum-drum seafloor and their parents' control. All this to the tune of acquiring the coveted Vespa. As they make their way topside, exploring Alberto's island and Portorosso proper, they befriend a young, human girl, Giulia Marcovaldo, and make a quick enemy of the local bully, Ercole Visconti.

It should be noted (and seen in the key art and posters for the film) that the boys only display their monstrous features when wet. So, in what can only be described as a summer of adventure any adult or child could envy, the boys do their best to "do as the humans do" in this heartwarming feature.

Some of the more notable voices you may recognize throughout the film were perfectly placed, as Jacob Trembly voices Luca, Maya Rudolph voices his mother, Daniela, Jack Dylan Grazer voices Alberto, and Sacha Baron Cohen voices Uncle Ugo.

And, I can't break away from talking about Luca without mentioning the fantastic soundtrack. Every moment spent watching this film whisks you away to a place where magical events could take place in the blink of an eye. I found myself longing for the sounds of the era as I quickly started adding songs to my "Play on Repeat" playlist.

This little monster boy and his friends have completely captured my heart and love for animation. As the summer comes to an end for many, I would recommend sitting down and taking in those last golden hours before returning to reality with Luca, Albert, Guilia, and an all-star cast of fantastic characters. You can watch Luca on Disney Plus, through any device that allows you access to the app.

What's your favorite Pixar movie? Any that you're looking forward to releasing later this year or next? Let me know in the comments!!

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