let's review: "The Owl House" Season 1

Gravity Falls. Adventure Time. Steven Universe. These, among others, have become the building blocks for those viewers among the newer generations of animation fanatics. They've spawned amazing cosplays, brilliant continuations of their stories across graphic novels, fanfics, and even more animation, and drawn forth mountains of emotion with their thrilling storytelling.

Well, if you're among the swarms that have devoured each and every episode of the previously mentioned, I'm hear to present the next in a long line of what is expected to be even greater shows coming out...


Created by Dana Terrace, "The Owl House" follows the story of Luz Noceda, a teenage Dominican-American girl who inadvertently finds herself in the magical land known as the Boiling Isles. How she finds herself here? Following an owl who's stolen her favorite fantasy novel into a spooky house that acts as a doorway between our world and the world of magic.

It's here, in the Boiling Isles, that we meet the rebellious witch and soon-to-be mentor of Luz, Eda Clawthorne (also known to many as "The Owl Lady"), and her adorable demon "roommate", King. From there, all manner of antics ensue. From freeing prisoners within the highest security outpost due to their strange differences, befriending the other, teenage witches at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, and eventually facing down the struggles of being a "human witch", Luz and company have adventure galore laid before them.

Without giving too much away, you'll find this show has amazing representation across the colorful cast of characters, humor that all ages can enjoy, and a brilliant look at how to adapt a little bit of magic into our own lives. Terrace has created a series that is set to continue through at least the rest of 2021, but my hope is that it spans further!

As I finish writing this now, I've just completed what's available for Season 2 of The Owl House on Disney Plus. Guys, let me tell you. It's just fantastic. If you're looking for a new show to watch with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and feel things you didn't expect to feel, reminiscent of Adventure Time's "Simon and Marcy" episode, then this is your show.

Overall, I give the Owl House a 5/5 rating. It's made for all ages and a ride I'll take time and again to enjoy.

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