let's review: The Umbrella Academy Season Two

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Holy. Shit. Y'all.

I don't know what you're out there doing right now, but if you haven't picked up on The Umbrella Academy, you're sleepin' on it.

I'm going to go ahead and get this part of my review out of the way, but Season One was nowhere near as entertaining as Season Two. Without giving away spoilers, it really felt like S1 was focused primarily on letting the audience get to know who the characters were without really showing off any of their personality. And while it was entertaining enough to have me continue into the second season, it felt a little...well...cheesy at times.

But enough of that, I wasn't coming on here to trash The Umbrella Academy. No, instead, I want to share my feelings on what I think is an absolutely fantastic follow-up season and attempt to convince you why it should be next on your binge list. So, it goes without saying...


Ok. They're gone. Now we can continue. Without further ado, here's my lil' review of Season Two...I didn't mean for that all to rhyme...

So, when we last left the team, they were busy destroying life as we know it across the world. Vanya had gone full fury mode, almost killing her brothers, and somehow the bumbling team managed to incapacitate her. Five, the "leader" of the group, convinces everyone the only chance they have is leaping into the past to fix what they'd done. And, it goes about as well as you think it would.

Spread across three years of the 1960s, the gang quickly learns they're not going to be able to rely on Five coming back to get them. Luthor ends up working for the notorious gangster, Jack Kirby, Diego is placed in a mental facility for his obsession with saving President Kennedy, Allison ends up joining the movement for Black Rights (oh so very topical and god, did it hit home for what's happening now) and marrying one of the activists, Klaus creates a...um...cult by using his lyrical knowledge of hit songs from the future, and Vanya gets hit by a car, loses her memory, and moves in with a little family in the countryside of Dallas.

Oh, and did I mention that Five sees a new doomsday scenario where his siblings are "nega" versions of themselves, all fighting together against Russians and Americans as nuclear bombs drop?


People when I tell you that this season starts off really strong, it literally goes off like a bomb in your face with the information you get.

Now you've got all of this new info and the fact that the world is still going to end...again...and what do you do? Well, of course, you're off to find your siblings and save it once again, right? Wrong! You've got new characters, the Handler is back in action after being shot in the head, Diego has a love interest who's not only a badass, but has a few secrets of her own, and Vanya is a no-so secret lesbian thirst trap for viewers everywhere.

And to top it all off, Papa Reginald is back with a secret society, crazy Swedish assassins who rarely speak a word, and my boy, Ben, has the screentime he deserved in the first season. It's literally one of the best rollercoasters I've ever been on and it just makes me so much more excited for the 3rd season. Oh yeah. It's coming y'all.

So, I'll end by saying this:

The Umbrella Academy is hilarious, heart-warming, exciting, and an all-around great time. Watch it if you're looking for a show that takes character development, mixes it in with thrilling action shots and very topical references to our own struggles in 2020, and a band of misfits one can only hate to love.

Till next time.

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