local love: Sarah Cecil

Oh, what a surprise! I'm back and with another amazing local musician to spread nothing but good vibes and news about. You know, I find it much easier to write about the people that I've had the joy of working with and interacting with than having to dig through the internet to find information on folks. It just feels more...personable? Like we're family. One big, extended, Corona-free family because we aren't interacting right now.

Enough of that, you're here for local musician info and "reviews" (I hate that, this isn't a review, it's just unadulterated appreciation for their talent. So without further ado, I present to you the amazingly talented:

Sarah Cecil

Sarah is quite literally one of the most adorable little beans of a performer that I've ever had the pleasure of booking and getting to know. She's a sixteen year-old rockstar with a stellar voice and killer skills. But, don't let her age or size fool you. I've witnessed it firsthand and I can tell you right now, electric or acoustic, this girl can freaking sing.

She's been playing music since she was six years old, like a boss, and started her career of live performances back in 2011. Coming from the generation that many say are "lazy" or "entitled", I can say for a fact that Sarah is an absolute go-getter when it comes to her career. And, obviously, she still has so much time left to grow and continue her journey, but she's got a great start in the music industry.

Having just released her first, official single, (which everyone can find HERE on Spotify), she's already garnered 24k in plays and I am being brutally honest when I say that I've kept it on repeat the entire time I've been writing this. It's that damn catchy.

And while we're being honest, it's a fantastic single that takes me back to the classic era of T-Swift, though more if she had leaned harder into the rock side of her music rather than country.

Like I've said on previous posts, these times have been hard for musicians across the country and personally, I've really seen it affect all the musicians I've become familiar with especially hard in Central Arkansas. But, like many others, Sarah has taken this time to not only work on her craft, and her ACT prep, but to find ways to always stay in contact with her fans with consistent posts across social media and updates on her journey as an artist.

As a fan myself, I look forward to the rest of Sarah's musical future and can only hope that people continue to see her as the shining light that she is against the backdrop of this awful pandemic. While I don't know the inner workings or plans that Sarah and her folks have laid into action, I do know that she'll always impress me with her talent, drive to create, and ability to smile through it all.

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