local love: The Candid.

Ah, a new section of the ol' blog to warm the soul and titillate the mind. Also, Googled 'titillate' and I love that definition says "stimulate or excite (someone), especially in a sexual way. But, that's beside the point, I'm here to tell you about your new, favorite, local group to keep an eye on.

The Candid.

Now, who are they? Where do they play? What kind of music are they slinging out like hotcakes? All in good time little ones, all in good time. First and foremost, these cool cats are coming straight to you from our NWA classic, Fayetteville. Having just created group at the beginning of 2020, I first happened upon their unique sound while strolling through the dreges of Facebook and enormous amount of local groups and musicians.

Now, what's got me hooked and locked in to these guys? Well, they put it perfectly in their own words by saying "Our sound is rock punctuated by female vocals, electric fiddle and psychedelic guitar. We strive to fuse multiple genres together with the ultimate goal of breaking sonic barriers set by pre-existing “labels”. I mean, come on, you can't get much better than that.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of blending in 'classical' instruments to modern sound. With their newest single, Carousel, currently playing on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Youtube Music, it makes me feel like Charlie Daniels and Paramore drank down a smokey mix of funk, country, and rock all blended into one. Front-woman Alexa Shannon draws you in and hangs you out to dry as the smooth licks of guitar and bass melt away any worries you had hanging over you. Toss that together with driving drumbeats and the fast-paced squeal of violin and you've got The Candid.

Now, you're wondering to yourself, where do I catch the next show? Of course, many of us are stuck inside due to COVID-19 and for musicians and the music industry, it's put most tours and shows on halt. Well, this quintet hasn't let that stop them from being innovative in the face of a global pandemic. For now, they've stuck to the NWA scene, playing at venues that offer up outdoor seating and from their studio via Facebook Live. But, they'll be making a brief trip to Little Rock for a virtual concert, streaming from Nexus Coffee & Creative, and then looking to book shows for September and October in the area. A spooky Little Rock performance, perhaps?

To round all this out and to really show my love for these guys, I just have to say, they live for their art. From the first interaction I had with booking them, to watching them perform, and continuing our relationship, they've been nothing but fun-loving, generous, and downright humble. These guys are going to shoot for the stars until their final breath and enjoy every moment they share together along the way.

If you're looking to book, you can contact thecandiddot@gmail.com or hit them up on Facebook.

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