read through '22: "A Children's Bible" by Lydia Millet

Hello, dear visitors, and Happy New Year!

I've begun the year with a dedication to finishing at least one book a month. With the multitude that has begun to litter my shelves, I took some time to really pick a zinger of a novel to start the year off with and...well...I ended up snagging a new book altogether. Now, I don't consider myself much of a religious person, but when I started reading the description for Lydia Millet's "A Children's Bible", I was intrigued.

When a collective of children, born of wealthy-ish parents, finds themselves trapped in a rental with the drinking, drugging, horrible 'rents they'd come to despise, finding an escape was the number one plan. But, things would go awry when a destructive storm promises a true escape as the group sets out into the unknown, braving the weather and wild alike.

Now, as I said, I do not consider myself a religious person by any means, but the nature of this book and parallels to many of the stories that were impressed upon me as a child did not escape me while reading through this. Millet so flawlessly captures the frustration and humiliation many children endure when surrounded by parents they have otherwise deemed as "useless".

As we followed Evie, our voice guiding us through the tumultuous journey these children go on, she struggles to balance the sisterly duties of keeping her younger brother, Jack, safe while also coming into her own self as a young woman. The group, consisting of a variety of other children with unique personalities and peculiarities, must band together and act like the adults through most situations, leading themselves towards a "salvation" far from their distracted parents.

Capping just shy of 225 pages, this novel drew forth feelings buried deep within my own psyche, calling out to memories of watching my own parents through screen doors and patio windows. I would recommend it to any looking for an early start to the new reading season. As the year begins anew and time flies, be sure to keep an eye out for more reviews and thoughts on the books I'll be reading! And, if any would like to join me on this journey, reach out and we'll step through these worlds together.

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