replaying the classics

Recently, in my unemployment, I've been looking for things to keep my occupied so I don't end up going crazy. As many of you may know, I've always been a lover of video games and the culture revolving around them. With no source of income, I obviously have to keep myself from engaging in the latest and greatest for PS4 and Switch, so I've opted for replaying the games that have been in my backlog of downloads.

Now, I know that it's been replayed over and over again at conventions for the past few years, always being "upgraded" to the newest system or systems it wasn't offered on before, but I've started running around the land of Skyrim once again. I know, I know. You're all thinking the same thing. "Oh, just going to play a sneaky assassin archer again, right?" WRONG. Having now been a Dungeon Master for a number of years, I've approached my newest playthrough with fresh eyes.

Now is the time of the Orc Bardbarian, Gorko.

Clearly, I don't own the rights to this image I found on Reddit (shoutout to u/wildcard18 for the mad skills on creating it) but it's a huge inspiration behind the character I built. Also, I'm fully aware that you can't really have "bard magic" in Skyrim, it's just not part of the game, but if you don't think that I'm rocking heavy, metal armor and slaying dragons with my ax, you've got another thing coming.

A huge bonus to replaying the game comes in the form of the mods people have created. Now, the last time around of me playing I ended up downloading WAY too many and it usually crashed the game. Now, I've really focused on the magic, the ambient effects, and a few NPC boosts to involve myself more in the gameplay.

Going around the land of Skyrim chopping off the heads of those who do not believe in the power of the Voice has been an absolute, nostalgic blast. Honestly, I forgot how often I could get my ass handed to me by a pack of wizards hurling that f-ing ice spear at me. All in all, it's been a lot of fun revisiting the game while I've got the time. For those out there "enjoying" quarantine and unemployment, what have you been playing? Let me know!

Till next time!

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